Campaign To Save: New Community Employee Savings Program

At NCFCU, we are running a campaign to help our employees within the network to SAVE!!  We believe in offering perks that are beneficial to our members as an incentive to use our low-cost banking services.

All members who are full-time employees of the New Community Corporation will receive $25,000 in free life insurance just for being a member and having a savings or share draft account.

Click here to enroll as a new member and receive your free life insurance ~ Must be a full-time New Community Employee.

Homebuyers Workshops

  • Learn the process for saving for and purchasing a home.
  • Financial education workshop, budgeting, credit repair,
  • Pre-purchase homebuyer education
  • Post-purchase workshop including home maintenance
  • Financial management for homeowners

The program is operated by two (2) certified counselors and we partner with local financial institutions to create the curriculum.

Please call 973-621-5624 for information.